The Eric Sloane Museum

                                            Eric Sloane, N.A.  1905-1985

The Eric Sloane Museum is located in the northwest corner of Connecticut, just north of the town of Kent at 31 Kent-Cornwall Road (Rte. 7). The grounds include the museum, Eric Sloane’s recreation of the Noah Blake cabin featured in his popular Diary of An Early American Boy, as well as the remains of the Kent Iron Furnace. A charming gift shop includes long out of print books by Sloane, as well as some of his prints.

The Eric Sloane Museum was created through a unique partnership between the Stanley Tool Works of New Britain, Connecticut, the state of Connecticut, and Eric Sloane. The Museum contains Eric Sloane’s collection of early American tools as well as examples of his pen and ink illustrations and original works in oils. A wonderful aspect of the museum is that Eric Sloane himself designed and built nearly every installation, creating an authentic environment as important to experience and preserve as the collection itself.