Other Events

In addition to our support of annual events, the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum supports a variety of unique programs to attract visitors to the museum. Some past events were:

A Celebration For Heirloom Apples:

An exploration of New England stone with author and educator Robert Thorson:

An exhibition on Eric’s contribution during WWII:

Clearing and re-grading the area between the museum and the iron furnace:

Purchasing a weather station for the museum for use with school tours:

Welcoming Jack Borden’s For Spacious Skies initiative:

Building airplanes and gliders that really fly!
Some young visitors work on the cloud mural

Jack Borden (left), a celebrity to a lot of people in the field of meteorology. Jack created and spearheads the For Spacious Skies initiative.

Flying airplanes during the Look at the Sky! program

Harvest Day Celebration:

We miss our good friend Dan Cain….

The planting of an heirloom variety apple orchard adjacent to the Noah Blake cabin:

Setting out the heirloom trees
The new trees with the Noah Blake cabin in the background
These two are always a HUGE help – Darrell and Aiden Cherniske, an awesome father and son team – tend to the Noah Blake orchard.

You can read a very good article written about our work to create an heirloom variety apple orchard for the Noah Blake cabin here.

What will this crew think of next?

We’ve accomplished so much over the years – and none of it could have been done without your supportthank you for standing with us.