For the 2014 season, the Eric Sloane Museum, in conjunction with the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum, will be dedicating themselves to the exploration of Eric Sloane’s treatment of the sky and weather.  I’ll be posting updates concerning specific dates and events, but for now I thought I might share some photographs of a mural that was created by Eric Sloane very early in his career.  No doubt you’ll be able to guess from what kind of building the mural was removed, but do you know where the mural currently resides?  A hint – it is in a public building on Long Island, NY…


          The Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum have, with the permission of the estate of Eric Sloane, released a set of blank notecards with an image of Eric Sloane’s painting February on the front.  These Eric Sloane themed notecards are blank inside, 5 to a pack with envelopes.  Packs are $7.00 each, and 100% of the sales goes to the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum.  Cards are for sale at the Eric Sloane Museum, or can be purchased through the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum.  When ordering, please include $1.75 for 1st class USPS postage.


The Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum are looking for a pilot with experience with flying early aircraft and how that experience is influenced by the weather who would be willing to speak about his/her experiences at the Eric Sloane Museum in Kent, CT this summer.  The museum is highlighting Eric Sloane’s work in explaining meteorological and atmospheric phenomenon to pilots in via his publications for the Army Air Corps (c. 1942-1945), as well as Eric’s work related to painting military and civilian aircraft and “cloudscapes”, which was the term Eric Sloane used to describe his renditions of clouds and the atmosphere.  If you know of a c. WWII pilot, or someone who flew in the late 1940s-late 1950s, the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum would really appreciate hearing from you.  Thank you!