I am touched by the number of people who I meet or who write to me describing the profound impact Eric Sloane has had on their lives.  Some speak of a direct connection that has changed the direction of a life towards a satisfying vocation in history, art, or architecture, while still others speak and write of a less direct – but no less powerful – connection to the works of Eric Sloane which has kindled an interest in organic gardening, or a hobby of re-purposing old barn siding into new and useful objects.  These connections are often powerful – and emotional – the impact of the life and work of a man that most have never met.

Perhaps you, too, have a connection to Eric Sloane and recognize ways in which his work influenced your life.  I believe that this is true in my own life and I embrace the notion that, because of this positive influence, I am indebted to him and his legacy.  If you feel as I do, it is time to stand up and be counted among the thousands of people who feel the same by joining the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum.  You can acknowledge and pay that debt by promoting and preserving the museum.



          Below appears a tentative schedule of events for the 2013 season at the Eric Sloane Museum:

Calendar of Events at the Eric Sloane Museum for 2013

Re-use, Re-cycle, Re-purpose

Eric Sloane, the town dump, and re-imagining refuse

This year’s theme playfully links the site of the Eric Sloane Museum as Kent’s first town dump with examinations of how we re-use and re-cycle.  Come explore this theme with us throughout 2013.

May 4th –       Spring Power Up at CAMA. Discounted admission to the Sloane    Museum

May 18th –     Kent’s Town Dump and the Eric Sloane Museum

Historical Trash – Bill Tobin on the history of the Kent Town Dump

What Trash Can Tell Us – Making your own archeological    discoveries

June 8th –       Connecticut Open House – Art at WorkRepurposing Old Tools     11 a.m. – 3 p.m.   Free admission to the Eric Sloane Musuem

July 4th –        The Annual Ringing of the Bells Ceremony @ The Eric Sloane Museum

July 20-27th – Re-use, Re-cycle, Re-imagine, Re-purpose – Trash Art Contest & Exhibit for kids and adults.  July 7 – Opening reception & Making Toys From Discarded and Everyday Objects workshop for children & young adults.

August           The Art of the Repair:  Fixing, Mending, and Frugality

Sept. 28th       Eric Sloane’s Legacy:  Kids Day at the Eric Sloane Museum.

Sept.               Heritage Walk and Kent Iron Furnace Tour on the museum grounds

October         Connecticut artists George Lawrence Nelson and Eric Sloane.  A joint program between the Eric Sloane Museum and the Kent Historical Society.

For more information on any of these programs, please call the Eric Sloane Museum at 860-927-3849


            Beginning in the 2013 season, the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum will have a table permanently set up in the Eric Sloane Museum.  This will enable us to provide membership and other forms of information, copies of our newsletter, and press releases to museum visitors.  Additionally, a small amount of items will be offered for sale to benefit the friends organization.  Many thanks to Barbara Russ, Museum Assistant in the Eric Sloane Museum, and to Karin Peterson, Museum Director, for allowing us to place this table within the museum.


New Video Documentary Planned on the Life and Work of Eric Sloane

          We are pleased to announce that the friends group has enlisted the services of Michael Bird, owner of MHBird Productions, to begin to videotape a documentary of those who knew Eric Sloane.  The Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum will provide logistical and financial support to further enhance an oral history project begun by Barbara Russ.  Over the years, Barbara has been conducting interviews with people who knew Eric Sloane.  The friends group recognized the importance of Barbara’s work and understood that, because of the advancing years of many possible interviewees, her work needed to be accelerated and enhanced, if possible.  To that end, Michael agreed to donate his time and services as a professional videographer to not only tape interviews, but to travel to the homes of the interview subjects.

This is an extremely important opportunity and project.  We are currently seeking a person who might be interested in traveling with Michael to actually conduct the interviews as he will have his hands full in operating all of the recording equipment.  Additionally, we are seeking to partner with an individual or business interested in underwriting the costs of this important project.  Please contact Jim Mauch at 570-204-2906 or by email at [email protected] for additional details.  MH Bird Productions can be reached at [email protected] or by calling 860-350-1134.