I am touched by the number of people who I meet or who write to me describing the profound impact Eric Sloane has had on their lives.  Some speak of a direct connection that has changed the direction of a life towards a satisfying vocation in history, art, or architecture, while still others speak and write of a less direct – but no less powerful – connection to the works of Eric Sloane which has kindled an interest in organic gardening, or a hobby of re-purposing old barn siding into new and useful objects.  These connections are often powerful – and emotional – the impact of the life and work of a man that most have never met.

Perhaps you, too, have a connection to Eric Sloane and recognize ways in which his work influenced your life.  I believe that this is true in my own life and I embrace the notion that, because of this positive influence, I am indebted to him and his legacy.  If you feel as I do, it is time to stand up and be counted among the thousands of people who feel the same by joining the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum.  You can acknowledge and pay that debt by promoting and preserving the museum.