Our thanks to participating artists at the Eric Sloane Museum

Our thanks to each and every artist who participated in the 2016 art exhibit and sale, held in the Eric Sloane Museum. With your participation, we were able to fill the gallery space with your wonderful and varied “apple” art. This art show allows us to follow the mission of the museum and connect to Eric Sloane, his interests and work. Apple trees were frequently included in his artwork and he wrote about them in a few of his books.
We hope that you will consider participating again in 2017. Next year’s theme is “Noah Blake and his Wonderful Cabin”. The Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum plan to restore the cabin in 2018 and next year there will be events leading to that restoration process. For inspiration, you may want to see Eric Sloane’s 1974 book Diary of An Early American Boy: Noah Blake 1805.