Eric Sloane Classroom for Hands-on Trades, Arts, and Crafts

Scott Sheldon of the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum and Andrew Rowand of the Eric Sloane Museum look over the north side of the museum building as we prepare for foundational work on the new three-season classroom. Construction should begin in early spring and the project completed by the end of summer 2023. We hope you can participate financially in this experience – your donation in any amount will not only be greatly appreciated, but will be used to create a new space for hands-on classes on early arts, crafts and trades.

Eric Sloane Pictured With Eric Hatch With the Liberty Bell

Happy 4th of July from “The Committee of the Two Erics”! That is Eric Hatch on the left, and Eric Sloane on the right.
“…the Let Freedom Ring project envisioned by the two men, who met as ‘The Committee of the Two Erics’ to promote an idea born from a radio interview Eric Sloane gave in July of 1962. During that interview, Sloane spoke of the early American tradition of ringing bells in celebration of the nation’s independence instead of the more modern fireworks displays. Listeners responded enthusiastically to the idea, and “The Committee of the Two Erics” began an article and letter writing campaign that ultimately led to a joint congressional proclamation (77 Stat. 9441), adopted 26 June 1963 to have bells rung in public buildings across America in commemoration of the nation’s independence.”
– From Wil Mauch’s Symbols of American Spirit: 50 Years of the Eric Sloane Museum

Eric Sloane Pen and Ink Illustration

Treenware! Culinary utensils made from wood!
Original pen and ink illustration by Eric Sloane, N.A. Learn more about this most fascinating of American artists at

Eric Sloane and the Noah Blake cabin

Author and artist Eric Sloane (1905-1985) photographed outside of the newly built Noah Blake cabin, probably late summer of 1974. It appears that Eric has in his right hand several riven wooden shingles.
After a period of about a decade of being shuttered to public visitation, the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum undertook a 4 year project of completely rebuilding the cabin, using as a template the cabin as drawn by Eric in his 1962 “Dairy of an Early American Boy: Noah Blake 1805”. You can read more about the cabin, and the book that inspired it here:

Celebrate 50 Years of the Eric Sloane Museum With Us!

Come celebrate with us on July 2, 2022. Admission is free. We will have live music, demonstrations, gust speakers, tours, food, and more. Looking forward to seeing you at the Eric Sloane Museum! For additional information, please call Andrew at the museum – 860- 927-3849.

Eric Sloane Diary of an Early American Boy

Eric Sloane’s classic Diary of an Early American Boy

Thinking over this evening all I have to take to the Eric Sloane Museum to do some spring maintenance on the recently rebuilt Noah Blake cabin. If you haven’t read Eric Sloane’s Diary of an Early American Boy, may I humbly suggest that it is time that you did.