New Initiative for the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum

Two of the nicest gentlemen you would care to meet. On the left is Andrew Rowand, who has done an incredible amount of work as the Site Manager for the museum. Andrew is incredibly hard working, has fantastic ideas, and is very knowledgeable about Eric Sloane, the museum, and many, many historic crafts and trades. He has been a great partner!
On the right is John Pennings, my successor in every meaning of the word. John is a natural leader, and is very skilled and knowledgeable in more things than I can even remember. Thank you, John, for serving as our board president.
We’re surveying the lean-to shed and listening to Andrew’s needs for an enclosed space dedicated to education…it looks as if this will be the next major project that the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum will undertake in support of our mission to assist the museum. We will keep you posted!


This nice note came in the other day from Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum member Dayna Wenzel, a very talented artist – Dayna’s works can be seen via:

“I have been fortunate to participate in the last 2 art shows celebrating Eric Sloane and his wonderful, diverse work.  I have especially enjoyed your book which I received as a participating artist.  The positive work of the museum and the Friends group is very impressive and so very worthwhile. ”

Thank you, Dayna!  We appreciate having you as a member!



      Thank you, Scott, for your kind words regarding the talk, the museum, and the Friends group. We’re so pleased to have you as a member of the group. For those of you who don’t know Scott Sheldon, he is a well-known aficionado of the works of Eric Sloane as well as a very talented woodworker and carpenter. It was great to see you and your brother again!  Here is what Scott shared with the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum:

         “My brother and I attended the talk given by Dr. Mauch yesterday. It was some time very well spent. The talk was very informative and interesting as he went over some of the fine points of the Cloudscapes done by Eric Sloane. My appreciation of Sloane‘s work was increased be caused of the knowledge shared by Mr. Mauch. It was great to learn more about the depth of Sloane’s paintings. I missed several of the events that “The Friends of Eric Sloane Museum” held this pass season and now I regret it. Next season I will try to make every event. Dr. Mauch told me of up coming events for next year and it sounds very exciting. I would strongly recommend becoming a member of “The Friends of Eric Sloane Museum”, check it out on FB and online. Also want to mention Barbara Russ Museum Assistant aided in the talk with her vast knowledge of Eric Sloane. Thanks to both Dr. Mauch and Barbara.”


Our thanks to Harold and Marie Stewart, steadfast supporters of the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum. In addition to a generous donation to the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum earlier this year, Harold and Marie renewed their Sponsor level membership in the group. Thank you!


Caroline Nelson, a participant in the 2104 “The World Above: Artists Celebrate the Sky” Contest, Exhibit and Sale at the Eric Sloane Museum, had an article published in The Lakeville Journal about her experiences as a participant in the show:

Please see p.13.

Thank you, Caroline! I appreciated reading about your experiences as an artist in the show – and we all appreciated as well your beautiful work.


The Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum welcomes new member Phyllis Oria at the Volunteer Level.  100% of your financial support is used to preserve and promote the legacy of artist Eric Sloane, as well as to enhance the Eric Sloane Museum.  Thank you!


The Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum welcomes new member Thomas Brandon at the Sponsor Level.  Thom took advantage of the offer to have a formal appraisal conducted of  a wonderful Eric Sloane painting he and his wife Pamela own.  Dayna Wenzel renewed for 2014-2015 at the Family Membership Level – many of you will recognize Danya’s name as she is a talented artist who participates in our annual art show held at the Eric Sloane Museum.  Our thanks as well to Karin Peterson, who joined the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum at the Family Membership Level.  100% of your financial support is used to preserve and promote the legacy of artist Eric Sloane, as well as to enhance the Eric Sloane Museum.  Thank you!


The Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum welcomes new member Sharon Dougherty at the Volunteer Level and renewing member Michael J. Salvino at the Sponsor Level.  100% of your financial support is used to preserve and promote the legacy of artist Eric Sloane, as well as to enhance the Eric Sloane Museum.  Thank you!


      I met so many nice people during the August 23rd event selection hypothesis efl writing essay topics viagra detials al qaeda's maritime threat maritime security research papers mla format outline what is the use of cialis get cialis out of system watch go 7 vicodin per day follow url college level persuasive essay examples viagra 666 an essay about farmers efectos secundarios a largo plazo del cialis cahsee essay scale score for staar reimans hypothesis examples of argumentative essays for kids how do i know if my ipad is charging when dead source link generic viagra uk online creative writing on catcher in the rye follow url male enhancement sildenafil how to get viagra in ireland For Spacious Skies: A Day to Celebrate the Sky!  The weather provided a dramatic “sky backdrop” to all of the events – a typically beautiful Northwest Connecticut sky throughout the day.


The photograph above is of the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum tent several hours before opening, complete with our brand-new banner hanging above.  A nice selection of drinks and snacks were awaiting visitors to the Eric Sloane Museum who came out to celebrate the sky.  And celebrate we did!


An impromptu “fan club” quickly surrounds guest meteorologist Mike Cameron from Channel 3 WFSB in Connecticut.  Mike provided a great in-depth look at the difficulties in forecasting the weather of Northwestern Connecticut, something echoed by Eric Sloane some 40 years ago when he was writing of weather patterns of the same geographical region – “…if you don’t like the weather now, just wait a few minutes”.



John Pawlowski was so kind to come over and fix the attention of everyone in the audience by creating a cloud in the gallery of the Eric Sloane Museum.


    Some of the many children in attendance at the event working on a cloud mural together.


A number of young pilots assemble their balsa gliders and rubber band-powered planes to take part in the flight competition held on the grounds of the Eric Sloane Museum.


Getting ready for a test flight….


The afternoon sun begins to wane as the pilots test their skills…


At the end of the day, the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum presented Barbara Russ with a new weather station to be used in the museum.  Barb requested the weather station through the friends as it would allow the museum to become a weather reporting location and it can be used with school tours and children and young adults to make weather observations and data-driven meteorological prediction.

From Left:  Meteorologist Mike Cameron, James Mauch, founder of the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum, and Barbara Russ of the Eric Sloane Museum.


       Internationally acclaimed meteorologist Jack Borden, who launched the “For Spacious Skies Project”, steals a moment with confirmed fan Mike Cameron.  Mr. Borden spoke with participants about becoming more aware of the sky and all that it has to offer to us.


The day is winding down and the parking lot is beginning to thin out after the August 23rd event For Spacious Skies: A Day to Celebrate the Sky!  Throughout our journey home, the panorama of the sky at dusk reinforced what excites, motivates, and encourages people like Jack Borden and Mike Cameron.  Look at the sky, folks…you won’t ever be disappointed.

It was a wonderful day, full of enthusiastic and curious people who ranged in age from 2 years old to 91 – more about my new-found 91 year old friend in my next post.  He absolutely made the day for me…


Our thanks to the newest members of the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum:

Daniel and Linda Palmer, Sponsor

Dianne Lang, Individual/Volunteer

Thank you!  Your support of the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum helps to ensure Eric’s legacy by preserving and promoting the Eric Sloane Museum.  The Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum is a 501c3 non-profit organization.