Thank you, Scott, for your kind words regarding the talk, the museum, and the Friends group. We’re so pleased to have you as a member of the group. For those of you who don’t know Scott Sheldon, he is a well-known aficionado of the works of Eric Sloane as well as a very talented woodworker and carpenter. It was great to see you and your brother again!  Here is what Scott shared with the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum:

         “My brother and I attended the talk given by Dr. Mauch yesterday. It was some time very well spent. The talk was very informative and interesting as he went over some of the fine points of the Cloudscapes done by Eric Sloane. My appreciation of Sloane‘s work was increased be caused of the knowledge shared by Mr. Mauch. It was great to learn more about the depth of Sloane’s paintings. I missed several of the events that “The Friends of Eric Sloane Museum” held this pass season and now I regret it. Next season I will try to make every event. Dr. Mauch told me of up coming events for next year and it sounds very exciting. I would strongly recommend becoming a member of “The Friends of Eric Sloane Museum”, check it out on FB and online. Also want to mention Barbara Russ Museum Assistant aided in the talk with her vast knowledge of Eric Sloane. Thanks to both Dr. Mauch and Barbara.”

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