New Video Documentary Planned on the Life and Work of Eric Sloane

          We are pleased to announce that the friends group has enlisted the services of Michael Bird, owner of MHBird Productions, to begin to videotape a documentary of those who knew Eric Sloane.  The Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum will provide logistical and financial support to further enhance an oral history project begun by Barbara Russ.  Over the years, Barbara has been conducting interviews with people who knew Eric Sloane.  The friends group recognized the importance of Barbara’s work and understood that, because of the advancing years of many possible interviewees, her work needed to be accelerated and enhanced, if possible.  To that end, Michael agreed to donate his time and services as a professional videographer to not only tape interviews, but to travel to the homes of the interview subjects.

This is an extremely important opportunity and project.  We are currently seeking a person who might be interested in traveling with Michael to actually conduct the interviews as he will have his hands full in operating all of the recording equipment.  Additionally, we are seeking to partner with an individual or business interested in underwriting the costs of this important project.  Please contact Jim Mauch at 570-204-2906 or by email at [email protected] for additional details.  MH Bird Productions can be reached at [email protected] or by calling 860-350-1134.