The Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum express our thanks to the artists who participated in “The World Above: Artists Celebrate the Sky” Contest, Exhibit and Sale at the Eric Sloane Museum:

Danya Wenzel
Don Turner
Herb Kroeger
Thomas Franken
Steve Balkin
Naya Bricher
Mary Terrizzi
Scott Bricher
Linda Petrocine
M.J. Budzyn
Cyndy Brissett
Julianna Fontanilla
Alan Wiener
Patrick Purcell
Spencer Parish
Karen Chase
Pamela Sauer
Clayton Preston
Lisa Deloria Weinblatt
Sal Barracca
Peter Wiehl
Richard Andrews
Liz Tobin
Tom Kmetzo
Michael Cherney
Connie Horton
Jane Hoben
Monica Rosenberg
Sharon Dougherty
Chris Plaisted
Ruth Pearl
Caroline Nelson
Joe Buda

Thank you all – it was a wonderful show!

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