Eric Sloane and the New England Apple, Culinary Style!

What a wonderful time we all had Saturday, October 8th! Chef Anne Gallagher helped us to continue to celebrate the New England Apple. During the year, we have celebrated the theme of “Eric Sloane and the New England Apple” in a variety of creative ways: in the spring, we celebrated in “live form” by working with Peter Montgomery to plant an heirloom variety orchard now known as the “Noah Blake Orchard”, in the summer we celebrated the apple artistically during the annual art exhibit and sale by focusing the artists’ attention on the apple as a source of inspiration, and this past Saturday we celebrated the apple in a culinary way with Chef Anne.
Chef Anne created a number of amazing dishes, including some delicious fresh-baked apple muffins and scrumptious mini burgers grilled on apple wood served with cheddar and apple salsa. We had some scions from the Seek-No-Further apple tree (see Eric Sloane’s A Reverence for Wood for his thoughts on the tree) that were chipped into dry smoking wood that Anne used throughout the day. Everything Anne served was DELICIOUS!
Our thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate the New England Apple with us!

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