Please Join the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum

I’m happy to report that we had a productive and robust meeting last Friday at the Fife ‘N Drum Restaurant in Kent, Connecticut.  If you have never been, the Fife ‘N Drum is a wonderful eatery in downtown Kent and was a constant favorite of Eric’s through the years.  The restaurant houses a collection of works by Eric and by David Armstrong.  The food and service was superb.

Our focus group consists of a number of leading thinkers about, and admirers of, Eric Sloane and his legacy.  We had a wonderful conversation, topped off by a private tour of the museum by museum curator Barbara Russ.

We are actively seeking members to join the Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum as well as donations in support of our activities and programming.  Currently, we are also offering a lifetime charter membership for the first 100 Friends of the Eric Sloane Museum.  Please email James Mauch at [email protected] or call 570-204-2906 for more information.

My heartfelt thanks to all who have helped to make this friends group a reality.  We are working together to help to make the museum more vibrant and to share the message and legacy of Eric Sloane with a new generation of admirers.