Supporters of the Friends of the Eric Sloane Musuem

The Friends of The Eric Sloane Musuem is grateful for the support we receive from our members.  Thank you! 

President’s Circle

Jeffrey and Katrina Bischoff

The Cain Family Foundation

James and Rebecca Mauch

James, Elizabeth, and Edith Mauch



Bob Coppola

Amy Gillenson

Peter and Carol Kern

Cecilia Mullen

John Pennings

Toby Robinson

Michael Salvino

Harold Stewart

George A. Stickels



Lucy Ball

Bryan and Rachel Clothier

Linda and Ed D’Orlando

Ophelia Dahl and Lisa Frantzis

Izaak Davis

Mike and Kathy Kopach

Alice Mandel

Craig Marcin

Maureen O’Farrell

Dr. and Mrs. Peters



Michael H. Bird

Douglas Erwin

Sarah Ann Gallagher

Marieluise Hutchinson

Hattie Mauch

Clayton Preston

Toni Ann Presti

Scott Sheldon



Steve Lawrence

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